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Upgrading SQL 2005 to 2008

With more and more clients requesting for SQL 2008 for its enhanced features,  its high time to give a try for an Upgrade  of SQL Server….and I did…

While taking the help of  SQL Server 2005 Upgrade advisor for upgrading SQL 2000 eval  to 2005, there was an error like…

SQL BPA command line has encountered a problem and needs to close…

The solution for this has been discussed here. See that the location of BPAClient should correspond to the folder where your UpgradeAdvisor is installed.

This error introduced us to an avuncular tool – SQL BPA. This is the Best Practices Analyser, which can be used to inspect the SQL Server for its standards.  This tool is described at a basic level here

SQL Server 2008 Version and Edition Upgrades clears any doubts on what versions and editions of SQL Server can be upgraded to SQL Server 2008.  I wonder why the Evaluation editions cant be upgraded to 2008..Any idea??


December 6, 2008 - Posted by | SQL Server

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