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Trace Flags in SQL Server 2008.

A brief description of Traceflags in SQL 2008.

260 – Prints versioning for DLLs for XPs.

1204 – Resources involved in Deadlocks and also Victim details.

1211 – No lock escalation at all.

1222 – Resources involved in Deadlock in XML format and also victims details.

1224 – No lock escalation unless severe memory pressure.

2528 – No parallellization of DBCC Commands.

3205 – No compressed dumps to tapes though file compression is enabled on Tapes.

3226 – No messages on Backups in the Errorlog.

3608 – Doesnt start any DB than Master on Startup.

3625 – Limits error message 

4616 – Server level metadata visible to App roles.

6527 – No memory dumps in CLR integration on first error occurance.

7806 – Enable DAC on SQL Express.

Enable/Disable traceflag using DBCC Traceon and DBCC Traceoff. While Server startup use the -T startup option to SQLSrvr.exe. Use DBCC Tracestatus to find the traces enabled on the server. 

Dont confuse the functions involving Profiler Traces with those of these Traceflags.  The ones that involve Traceflags are DBCC commands.

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